Editorial: Police and Pride

Editorial: Police and Pride

By BAR Editorial Board

Until recently, LGBT Americans regularly suffered harassment, abuse, and worse at the hands of law enforcement, an oppression justified by religion and criminalized by the government.

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By Perry N. Halkitis | June 12, 2019

I want to tell you why I wrote "Out in Time: From Stonewall to Queer, How Gay Men Came of Age Across the Generations."

By BAR staff | June 12, 2019

This week's letters to the editor.

By Paul Berge | June 12, 2019

This week's editorial cartoon.

By BAR Editorial Board | June 5, 2019

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf proposed budgets would wipe out funding for some LGBT services, and add money for others.

By Jeff Cotter | June 5, 2019

Many people, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, are surprised to hear that Cuba has a vigorous LGBTQ+ movement.

By Paul Berge | June 5, 2019

This week's editorial cartoon.

By BAR Editorial Board | May 29, 2019

Earlier this month, Equality California Institute released its long-awaited report card on school districts that responded to its first to its first attempt to examine state schools.

By Paul Berge | May 29, 2019

This week's editorial cartoon.

By David Campos | May 29, 2019

In a few days all eyes will be on San Francisco. The California Democratic Party is coming to town.

By Shawn Kumagai | May 29, 2019

I requested at a recent Dublin City Council meeting that the rainbow flag be flown outside City Hall throughout June to honor Pride Month.

By BAR Editorial Board | May 22, 2019

We are angry that city officials did not immediately and forcefully condemn the San Francisco Police Department's raid on a journalist's home and office earlier this month.

By Scott Wiener | May 22, 2019

Last week the chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee decided to unilaterally postpone my housing bill, Senate Bill 50 (the More HOMES Act) without holding a vote.

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