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Leather or bust: Sipping up suds at Sunday's 'gay church'

Leather or bust: Sipping up suds at Sunday's 'gay church'

By Race Bannon

Ask a local San Francisco leather person what they're doing on a Sunday afternoon and you'll often here them say they're going to the beer bust. That typically means the weekly Sunday SF Eagle beer bust.

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By Events Editor | December 23, 2019

Are you ready for a new year of nightlife fun? It's arriving, ready or not. Will our '20s be roaring with flappers and bootleg gin? Doubtful. More like floppers on TikTok and bootleg vapes. Either way, Happy New Year.

By Race Bannon | December 18, 2019

The Powerhouse also held its inaugural Ms. Powerhouse Leather contest recently. I'm using both new contests here as an illustrative point that San Francisco's leather bars are now officially shared space. Welcome to the modern queer leather bar.

By Events Editor | December 18, 2019

Ho, ho homemade holiday happy nightlife events don't need unwrapping.

By Steven Underhill | November 26, 2019

Bears, bearded men and the (perhaps not facially-haired) men who admire them gather regularly at The Edge Bar for the weekly Friday happy hour Beards & Booze.

By Race Bannon | November 6, 2019

Any man who traveled within the gay leather world of the late 1970s to '90s likely read or knew of Drummer magazine. The last issue of Drummer was published in 1999, until now. Drummer is back. In early October a new iteration of the magazine debuted.

By Steven Underhill | October 30, 2019

The recently reopened Café revved up Gus Bean's monthly tea dance (third Sundays), Circuit Sundays. With airy sunny dance and hangout areas, the new and improved Café is a new/old favorite in the Castro, day or night.

By Events Editor | October 16, 2019

Nibble on some pumpkin spice nightlife.

By Events Editor | October 9, 2019

Autumn lovelies fill our weekly line-up of nightlifery.

By Michael Flanagan | September 25, 2019

One thing about Fe-Be's that most people know it is that it was the first leather bar on Folsom Street. If there is a second thing people know, it's that the bar was the place that the iconic "Leather David" was born. But there's more to the bar's story.

By Events Editor | September 18, 2019

A San Francisco 49ers football Pride watch party at The Detour in the Castro District featured the 49ers vs. Bengals game, which was shown Sunday Sept. 15 at The Detour.

By Michael Flanagan | August 28, 2019

James "Robbie" Robinson visited San Francisco while stationed at Parks Air Force base in the East Bay in 1957. After being cruised on Market Street, the man led him to the Silver Dollar Bar. His visit began a gay journey in creating community.

By Mark Abramson | August 12, 2019

San Francisco bars often serve as more than a space for drinks and entertainment, but also for community gatherings. On a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon, August 11, two crowds gathered to wish their loved-ones Godspeed.

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