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Ciao, Fellini!

Ciao, Fellini!

By Sura Wood

"The cinema is very much like the circus," Federico Fellini once said. "In fact, if it didn't exist, I might well have become a circus director. I close my eyes and the festival begins."

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By David-Elijah Nahmod | January 7, 2020

Hard to believe that it's been 45 years since audiences first danced in the aisles and shouted back at the screen at showings of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

By Sura Wood | January 7, 2020

A well-deserved if incomplete retrospective at BAMPFA, "Next Door to Darkness: The Films of David Lynch" includes his flawed masterpieces.

By Jenni Olson | January 7, 2020

Local queer filmmaker and former Frameline festival programmer Jenni Olson offers up a remembrance of her festival co-director Mark Finch. Olson and Finch also co-wrote the B.A.R.'s Out There column together in 1994.

By David Lamble | January 7, 2020

The year opens at the Castro Theatre with a bevy of special-event screenings including some under the banner of the 19th edition of the San Francisco Comedy Festival, or SF Sketchfest.

By David Lamble | December 30, 2019

Director Alla Kovgan's captivating bio-doc "Cunningham" (1919-2009) provides a hypnotic view of the fabled gay star dancer/teacher Merce Cunningham's choreography.

By David Lamble | December 23, 2019

Part Two of our Best Films of the year round-up is meant to lasso some late-season releases into the list, and hint at some of the strongest contenders for the Golden Globes and the Oscars.

By David Lamble | December 17, 2019

Week 1 of our annual Top Films salute is full of spectacular work drawn mostly from pre-Turkey Day releases.

By David Lamble | December 17, 2019

In director Laura Greenfield's poignant new doc "The Kingmaker," the dark recent history of the Philippines is explored around the bigger-than-life history of former first lady Imelda Marcos.

By David Lamble | December 10, 2019

At the Castro Theatre the other night I watched actors Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones soar into the sky over jolly old England, circa 1862, in the breathtaking new Amazon Studios feature "The Aeronauts."

By David Lamble | December 3, 2019

With "30/30 Vision: Three Decades of Strand Releasing," the venerable gay-owned film distribution company Strand Releasing celebrates its 30th anniversary in a special program at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art on Thurs., Dec. 5.

By Brian Bromberger | December 3, 2019

Julie Andrews' "Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years" begins with her arrival in Hollywood in 1963 to make her screen debut in Disney's "Mary Poppins."

By David Lamble | November 27, 2019

This year's Another Hole in the Head Film Fest, the 16th edition of a splendid little horror-film fest, comes with a distinctly queer accent: a queer feature and a handful of LGBTQ-themed shorts.

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