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Arts Events March 21-28 2019

Arts Events March 21-28 2019

By Events Editor

Arts events this week range form classy concerts to visually stunning art exhibits, music of the ages and beyond.

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By Events Editor | March 13, 2019

Books, films, musicals, art exhibits. Choose wisely, or recklessly. Either way, you'll enjoy yourself.

By Roberto Friedman | March 12, 2019

Last Friday night Out There attended the opening-night party for the final exhibition at Jules Maeght Gallery, a blue-chip art gallery that has made its home at 149 Gough St. in San Francisco for five years.

By Peter Garland | March 12, 2019

Oscar Wilde is generally thought of as a proponent of gay rights, which has led to the equality we see today, but even more important may have been his role as an environmentalist.

By Jim Gladstone | March 12, 2019

In mixing up an effervescent hybrid of theater, nightclub, and costume party, The Speakeasy's production delivers more than the sum of its parts.

By Events Editor | March 6, 2019

Quality control involves seeing and witnessing great art, so you can share it with others. This week, we've got arts events in quantity and quality.

By Events Editor | February 27, 2019

Quality control involves seeing and witnessing great art, so you can share it with others. Dip in to the talent pool.

By Roberto Friedman | February 26, 2019

The new book "Pagan Light — Dreams of Freedom and Beauty in Capri" by Jamie James (Farrar, Straus & Giroux) is a social history of the isle and its place in the Western imagination.

By Events Editor | February 20, 2019

What awaits you behind that curtain? Find out at theatrical and other arts events this week.

By Events Editor | February 13, 2019

Take a bow. You're supporting the arts, with local and visiting talents bringing you their vision of the world.

By Roberto Friedman | February 12, 2019

Even though Out There is a very urban person, we know that it's very important to get out of the big city every now and then. So we try to get away, and high on our list of destinations are the resorts, eateries and wineries of Sonoma County.

By Events Editor | February 6, 2019

Love in in the air, and in the arts! Transform ambiguity into direct action to get yourself to a theater, museum or concert hall.

By Steven Underhill | February 6, 2019

Opening celebrations on Jan 31 for 'Two-Spirit Voices: Returning to the Circle,' the new exhibit at the GLBT History Museum, featured members of Bay Area American Indian Two Spirits (BAAITS).

Viewing 1 thru 12 of 360 Stories