Issue:  Vol. 47 / No. 46 / 16 November 2017
Arts events : November 16-23

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Man still in hospital after boyfriend's death

The man accused of killing his boyfriend in San Francisco's Hayes Valley remains in the hospital two weeks after his partner was found stabbed. (read more)

Filmmaker Debra Chasnoff dies

Documentary filmmaker Debra Chasnoff, who made history when she publicly thanked her female then-partner from the stage at the Academy Awards in 1992, died November 7 of metastatic breast cancer. (read more)

Clinton to speak at AIDS grove

Former President Bill Clinton will deliver the keynote address at the National AIDS Memorial Grove on World AIDS Day, December 1. (read more)

Housing focus of 1st D8 supe debate

The two gay candidates seeking the District 8 seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors differed over housing and homelessness at their first debate Monday night seven months before voters head to the polls. (read more)

Woman describes stabbing in Berkeley murder case

A Berkeley woman said during an Alameda County Superior Court hearing this week that she begged for her life as a nonbinary person allegedly stabbed her during a two-day incident in which another woman was fatally stabbed. (read more)

Board delays pot regs; Sheehy goes after PJI

San Francisco medical marijuana dispensaries and delivery services will not be able to sell recreational cannabis beginning January 1, after the Board of Supervisors turned a deaf ear on the pleas of gay District 8 Supervisor Jeff Sheehy to kickstart the industry. (read more)

Roem lays out agenda

Danica Roem, who made history last week when she became the first out transgender person to win and serve in a state legislature and the only out transgender state legislator in the U. (read more)

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Fine Arts - Teotihuacan holiday

Wonder is difficult to come by these days, but it's right there in full view in "Teotihuacan: City of Water, City of Fire," a new exhibition at the de Young Museum which brings the ruins of a long-ago, not-so-far-away, exotic culture back from the dead. (read more)

Music - MTT: VIP

San Francisco Symphony Music Director Michael Tilson Thomas, more simply and famously known as MTT, recently announced the end of his illustrious tenure with the treasured organization. (read more)

Film - Dahmer Dearest

Serial killers are currently at risk of being displaced in our nightmares by mass shooters, whose work is more public and performative, with a cumulative scare index boosted by the spread of panic through multiple warm-blooded mammals. (read more)

Out There - Artistically engaged: a datebook

It's not unusual for Out There to spend five nights out of seven attending cultural events, as we did last week. (read more)

Out & About - Arts events

Add some arts to your life. (read more)

Theatre - Happily ever after – kinda, sorta

"Welcome to library school." Has a deadlier sentence ever opened a play? But fear not, for those words are something of a joke even if we don't yet know what that joke is. In "Le Switch," the thirtysomething David is a professor of library sciences who thinks of himself as a queer outlier, and yet wears suspenders unironically, as his sister points out, and has a collection of books that he prizes for their never having been opened. (read more)

Theatre - Bedeviled bargaining

Even the devil needs his diversions. When not manipulating situations to further the careers of his "wards," he's busy writing Yelp reviews. "Rule number one is listen to the milk," he admonishes after an unsatisfactory visit to a coffee shop. But Brenn's current obsession is an artist named Hunter, and he vicariously feeds off the creative talents he himself does not possess while Hunter increasingly bristles at this demanding presence in his life. (read more)

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