Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 13 / 29 March 2018

Sean with the wind

Karrnal Knowledge

Sean Zevran. photo: Raging Stallion
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I've had the flu. It was killer. But I guess I'm getting better, as my thoughts have returned to cock, and issues like the following are once again pressing matters.

Here's something I'd like to see in porn. Why haven't Sean Duran and Sean Zevran ever been paired? They have the same name, they're near twins, they're versatile, they both have battering rams for cocks, and they're both solid beauties. Or are they the same person, and I'm just confused? Everybody else in porn has made out with everybody else. Why have these guys never met up? What a thriller that could be.

Here's something I don't want to see in porn. A new-fangled toy called a Double Fucker. It's a penis sheath that doubles the girth of your goods. But it's held on only by the built-in cock ring at the base. I envision the front end flapping around like a flip-flop under your heel. But I'm prejudiced. I never quite understood the seeming popularity of the DP, the sort of thing I call a circus act. Certainly not easy to accomplish, and I can't imagine it providing much sensation to anyone involved.

Here's something that confounds me. Why is pushing the presence of women in their videos? Is this supposed to be cutting edge? It does nothing for my libido.

Here's an amazing development in porn. After years, perhaps decades, the guy who runs Gemini Studios has discovered KY. He's been using that equivalent of mucilage, petroleum jelly. Welcome to the 21st Century, Mr Gemini!

Here's something I'd really like in porn. I guess I'm getting old, or am falling out of the loop, because I recently needed someone to explain contemporary jargon to me. "Sexual self-care;" what's that? I read about it in an article. Took me nearly a full page before I realized it was jacking off.

Here's one thing I sure don't like about porn. It's the use of posed photo setups to represent a movie. In them, unlike the filmed scene, the models are directly addressing the camera. Obviously, these are set-ups. Why, I'd like to know, aren't the stills taken directly from the video? Seems they'd be more intense, carry the heat of the moment better than this posed porno.

It reminds me of the tumult of Le Salon mags that were tied to each movie the company put out in the '70s and '80s. There were Falcon mags, and Target mags, and lots from Le Salon. They were shot to be published in the era's gay glossies. Remember Blueboy, Skin, Manshots, etc. The equivalent of lobby shots for a mainstream feature.

I liked those mags, with their full-page, full-color shots. Now that magazines are dead, the photos are used online. But they mostly look so unreal. All I can see in them are a couple of models who've squirmed their way into position, and are now holding it while the photographer clicks away. You can't pretend spontaneity. Doesn't fool me.

Sean Duran.
photo: Hot House

Here's something in porn I find reprehensible. It seems that during the week or so I was unconscious with the flu, a revolution swept porn star's Instagram and Twitter feeds. So they're no longer sources of photo fun, late breaking news, up to the minute cock shots, and the omelet you had for breakfast. They're now devoid of content, unless you sign up and pay a membership price. OnlyFans, it's called. Just one more thing to pay for. Well, not me. That's one game that porn star greed just bounced me out of. Bye Bye, boys!

And, finally, here's something I really like. Muscle boys in bulging g-strings, or veiled, but bustin' out all over. So I love the site Muscle Gods and Warriors, at musclewarriors.tumblr. Here are firemen, Greek gods, sailors in full dress uniform, and lots of demi-gods, the kind of demi-gods who used to become Colt models. If hero-worship is your thing, check it out. These guys do more than match the mountains. They dwell on Olympus.

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