Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 13 / 29 March 2018

Downlow (and loads) with Titan

Karrnal Knowledge

Everybody's favorite TitanMan, Dirk Caber romps with Jackson Grant in TitanMen's Cum Laude. photo:
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Suddenly, I'm a bigger fan of TitanMen than I thought I was. When I realized last week that Karrnal hadn't revisited Titan movies in a full year, I headed into a viewing session with a couple of its recent DVDs. First, though, I decided I had to do some research. That's the most fun part.

Sure, I love to squirt as much as the next guy, but before that I like to study up on the guy's bios and filmographies. You know, who came from where, and who came on who.

Imagine my surprise at clocking into, to find that membership in the site included download capabilities, an unusual feature among the mainstream sites. And you know I like to own what I pay for.

The news isn't so much about Titan's movies, which maintain their reliable brand of being well-made and featuring mostly mature men, who are mostly furry and bearded, but about my delight in the TitanMen website.

I don't know when the company instituted its no-DRM policy, but I salute it, for it not only delivers to my possession for future slavering sessions all the latest in TitanMen stars, but the entire back catalogue, some 2,000 scenes, which for your money probably starts with Dean Flynn, Francois Sagat, and Dred Scott, and for my money jumps to Jake Genesis, Joey Russo, and Spencer Quest.

Reacquaint yourself with Horse , and Spy Quest, or pilot your way back to Bruce Cam's still potent River Patrol. Also on hand are older scenes from a couple other frontline companies, although these are not in Titan's 1080P High Def, and aren't downloadable.

Where to start? With last week's posting, which presents two very different kinds of handsome and only one foreskin. That belongs to 6'1", massively built Jason Vario, who pile-drives TitanMen Exclusive Dallas Steele in the only scene yet available online from the DVD most appropriately called Muscle Daddies.

Steele maintains a tightly clenching hand on Vario's cock while he sucks the stout, dark number, and rarely comes up for air. He sucks cock hungrily for nine minutes, rims Vario's chocolatey ass for three, and then lets Vario do all the same right back on himself. When Vario starts fucking, Steele starts gasping, and spends a good ten minutes wincing from the assault before spraying a load across his taut belly.

The TitanMen website is right on point when saying "his body resembles a Tom of Finland sexual superhero." Steele won't like this, but one of the things we like about that body are the slight signs of age that confirm his desirable daddy-hood. The tone of his skin, the incipient jowls and whisper of loosening neck, even a slight thinning of hair on the crown of his attractively salt and peppered head.

He's one juicy dude, and his age (he's 47) and its signposts only add to his impact, at least for me. Yet I'm sure he'll cringe at my comments. After all, he thought butt implants were necessary. I'd think that with 6'3" of superbly maintained muscularity, a handsome face, a steely nine-inch cock, and an appreciable versatility, he may be the only person critical of his ass.

Liam Knox and Jack Vidra are smiling because they're pressing goods together. Photo:

You can catch Steele with a clutch of your favorite stars. I go for him flipping with another fave, Alex Mecum. The site delivers some choice Mecum, a lot of Dirk Caber. And I certainly bless the appearance of Adam Ramzi in so many TitanMen scenes. Why, you ask? Because he almost without fail takes a climax down the throat. And, says I, blessed be he who bolts those blistering bullets.

There's also the super-duper former TitanMen Exclusive Liam Knox in a bucket load of movies. With his solidly packed physique, furry barrel chest, bodacious buns, and orifice-stretching stout cock, he's similar to Billy Santoro, but not so gaga.

I was delighted to find him in a scene with a star who broke through at Titan, Jack Vidra. His height is delicious, at 5'7", which is the tilting point for short, and he's a slammin' hot redhead with dazzling orange pubes. Vidra's got two scenes in the full feature, Pool Service , as does another ginger, Bennett Anthony, making the movie a ginger fest.

Now, the appreciable Mr. Anthony is not without merit, and I mean no criticism when recording that he's very different than Vidra, whose hair is brighter, whose body is more taut, whose tattoos are more aesthetically placed. Vidra's attitude is nastier, his sex rougher and his vocalized reactions more amped. No wonder Titan calls him "the tattooed moaner."

His scene with Liam Knox is a vigorous flip-fuck that's already worked for me several times. In a second scene, he gets to play with burly Matthew Bosch. While fixing the pool's pump, handyman Vidra first tells Bosch, "Your pipe is too big for the hole," and then demonstrates how his own hole can accommodate the entirety of Bosch's big pipe.

And then, suddenly, I lost download privileges. Seems you're only permitted 20 scenes per month. The site informs: "In order to keep our membership costs low, we need to keep our bandwidth costs down."

Alex Mecum and Adam Ramzi shine in TitanMen's 2 Men Kiss. Photo:

Well, the site's cost isn't any lower than at the many sites without download restriction. And though I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no bandwidth, it seems to me it would take more of the stuff to stream a 30-or-more-minute scene, than to download it in three minutes. I find the restriction is a curious hitch. I guess they don't want you to go on a download spree and then cancel your membership.

Well, I'd gotten the latest, and still have tons of other scenes to stream, while waiting to gather up my next 20 downloads.

As Arnold so famously said, "I'll be back."

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