Issue:  Vol. 47 / No. 29 / 20 July 2017

Dance - Ethnic energies

For four decades the hottest dance entertainment of the summer has been the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the country. Even New York falls behind our concentration of cultural variety and mutual goodwill. There are over 450 dance companies in the network of World Arts West, which organizes and presents the festival, so when they present the year's best, it's both hugely popular and aesthetically and intellectually distinguished. (read more)

Film - Hebrew's cool

The 37th San Francisco Jewish Film Festival plays San Francisco's Castro Theatre (July 20-30), Albany's Twin, Oakland's New Parkway, San Rafael's Smith Rafael Film Center, Palo Alto's Cinearts, and SF's ODC/Theater. This year's festival puts special emphasis on Holocaust observances. More info: (read more)

Music - Packing an emotional punch

Opera Theater Unlimited made good on its name last week with the world premiere of an original opera at Exit Theatre in San Francisco's Tenderloin. (read more)

Out There - Hello, Spaceman!

Out There was invited to a reception for American astronaut and U. (read more)

Out & About,
July 20-27, 2017

Take a bow for supporting the arts, in visual, auditory and theatrical forms. (read more)

Theatre - Musical from the American melting pot

You'd almost think it was Barnaby and Cornelius, putting on their Sunday clothes and discovering a world outside of Yonkers. (read more)

Music - Earthly concerns

Before they had handles and Grindr profiles, gay men had sobriquets, and in grad school mine was "Another dollar, another Mahler," used affectionately by all but the business office. (read more)

Music - New wave of summer

Do you remember when a new Blondie album was cause for celebration? No matter how uneven they might have been (see The Hunter ), it didn't matter because... (read more)

Theatre - Thespians on wheels

In what he calls his wheelhouse, you'll find apocalypse and destruction – but playfully so. (read more)

Fine Arts - Ugo Rondinone: No laughing matter

Stealing into the large, preternaturally still suite of rooms, one feels compelled to be quiet so as not to awaken... (read more)

DVD - When Irish eyes are smiling

Finding your own voice can be excruciating when you're a teenager expected to conform to the conventions of your peers. (read more)

Film - Unsung Tinseltown artists

Harold and Lillian Michelson spent their Hollywood careers largely under the radar. (read more)

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