Issue:  Vol. 48 / No. 3 / 18 January 2018

Music - San Francisco Opera announces 2018-19 season

A recent conversation with San Francisco Opera General Director Matthew Shilvock centered on the announcement this week of repertory in the Company's 2018-19 Season. The chat offered interesting highlights of the productions and confirmed our impression of the young leader's (early 40s) encouraging executive and artistic viewpoint. Well-spoken (Oxford and Amherst), with confidence that comes from an encyclopedic knowledge of the operatic canon and the thousands of artists who maintain it, he also communicates genuine passion and a calm determination to ensure the future of a "perpetually resonant" tradition. (read more)

Film - Hump days

A porn festival for people who don't like pornography? That's how syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage describes the Hump! Film Festival, the 13th annual event coming to San Francisco's Victoria Theater, Jan. 17-27. The festival will also be in Berkeley at the Ashby Stage, Jan. 31-Feb. 4, and in Oakland at the Starline Social Club, Feb. 8-10. (read more)

Film - (Mis)representing

Tonight (Jan. 18) the GLBT Historical Society will explore how queer people have been portrayed on screen. Gay film historian Jim Van Buskirk will show trailers from queer-themed films and lead a discussion on how each film depicts queers. The evening begins at 7 p.m. at the GLBT History Museum in the Castro. (read more)

Out & About - Arts events


Short and sweet, the best arts events are listed here, with more online, but who are we to judge? For nightlife events, visit (read more)

Out There - Questioning marriage equality

In his cover story in the January issue of Harper's magazine entitled "The Future of Queer – a manifesto," queer essayist/novelist Fenton Johnson argues that legalized gay marriage in the US has damaged our gay culture. (read more)

Theatre - Getting unstuck after the AIDS crisis

Tim Pinckney had reached that pivotal point in a young actor's career: He was finally spending more time on stages than waiting on tables. (read more)

Theatre - Marga remembers

You know there has to be a script. After all, someone tucked away in a control booth is cueing sound and light effects at specific moments. But the thing about a Marga Gomez solo show – a form distinct from her standup comedy routines – is that it sounds so much like a spontaneous creation. (read more)

Fine Arts - Haunted (or stalked?) by VertiGhost

There may be no movie more closely identified with San Francisco than Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo," a labyrinthine tale of obsessive love and murder that takes advantage of scenic city locations from the Golden Gate Bridge and Fort Point to Dolores Park and the Legion of Honor. (read more)

Music - All that (gay) jazz

American music has produced nothing finer or more advanced than jazz, yet it lurks in the shadows. (read more)

DVD - Coming up 'Gypsy'

The character of Mama Rose in "Gypsy" has been called the King Lear of musical theater, generally considered the greatest female role in musicals. (read more)

Film - 2018 Oscar picks

It's time once again to play that favorite LGBTQ parlor game: name this year's batch of Best Picture Academy Award nominations. (read more)

Film - Insider view

As I watched the Magnolia Pictures doc "The Final Year" (opening Friday), I marveled at how director Greg Barker sliced and diced a tumultuous period when President Barack Obama's foreign policy team was racing to finish one of the post-WWII American presidency's most ambitious to-do lists in their last year in office. (read more)

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