Issue:  Vol. 44 / No. 35 / 28 August 2014

Fine Arts - What's coming
to art museums this fall?

It's hard to believe, but the fall arts season is upon us. This year's slate is noteworthy for the absence of SFMOMA and MoAD; both are closed for renovation, and the Berkeley Art Museum follows suit on Dec. 21. September is a banner month that heralds the arrival of a portion of the Anderson Collection, amassed by Menlo Park collectors Hunk, Moo and Putter Anderson. Their gift of 121 post-war modern, abstract expressionist artworks to Stanford University is housed in a newly constructed, 33,000 sq. ft. building that opens to the public on Sept. 21. (read more)

Film - Serious cinema:
Fall films roll out

For the serious film buff, Labor Day kicks off an intense season when American filmmakers, studio-based and indie alike, compete like drunken sailors for the eyes and ears of every North American filmgoer. From now until Oscar time (February 2015), Hollywood studio flacks will swear that they care only about "serious cinema." Even queer-identified filmmakers will convince themselves that God, Oscar, or Harvey Weinstein will anoint them as this season's film flavormeisters. (read more)

Out There - Entering
the arts season

Welcome to the first of two issues of fall arts previews in the Arts & Culture pages.
(read more)

Theatre -
A music industry
mogul's own story

If Berry Gordy, founder of Motown Records, had a fault, it was in caring too much.
(read more)

Film - When real
life intrudes on
marriage equality

It's a personal prejudice of mine that I believe well-made fiction films are often far more accurate and truthful portraits of our messy human tribes than even the most scrupulously produced documentaries. (read more)

DVD - Spreading Milk's
dream to the South

Those of us who live in gay meccas sometimes forget that others don't have it as easy as we do. (read more)

Music - Susannah's belated deliverance

A mere 59 years after its successful premiere at Florida State University in 1956, 87-year-old composer Carlisle Floyd's opera Susannah opens at San Francisco Opera on Sept. 6. (read more)

Music - Explosions
on the ivories

Benjamin Grosvenor may have the least enviable job in San Francisco classical music's opening week: following Yuja Wang at the Symphony. (read more)

Out & About - Laboradorable

If you're among the lucky folks who get one or more days off from work – heck, if you're among the lucky folks to be employed! – take some time off to appreciate some lovely luscious leisure. (read more)

Theatre - Getting to know Barbra Streisand

Has anyone ever seen the kind of home-movie snippets of Barbra Streisand that turn up on TV bios, like those of Lucy and Desi clowning around the pool, or Bogie and Bacall mugging as steaks grill on the barbecue? (read more)

Books - Hints
of brilliance

Sometimes great talent wanders around in pairs. (read more)

Television - The case
of the closeted star

At the dawn of the television era (ca.1950), many Hollywood stars looked askance at the new medium. (read more)

Lavender Tube -
So much TV, so
few gay characters

Summer is over in a few days, and come September, the TV season begins.
(read more)

Books - Atheist,
out & proud

It is now chic to be atheist, with a 2013 Harris Poll finding that 36% of Americans under 35 identify as atheists, and that the number is increasing. (read more)

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