Issue:  Vol. 46 / No. 43 / 27 October 2016

Books - 1,000 perfect specimens

The 1000 Model Directory is an eyeball-boggling book. Or books. It's a two-volume boxed set from Taschen, weighing in at 10 pounds, with a staggering 1,000 pages of lustrously printed reproductions of Bob Mizer's classic physique photographs. Over 2,000 of them. Even the set's price is impressive, at $100. Yup, a hundred bucks, although you can find it cheaper if you poke around the internet. But that's only 10 cents per page. Each and every masculinity-packed page a bargain. (read more)

Fine Arts - Scenes from a legendary epic

According to some scholars, the Ramayana is the greatest story never told in the West. Familiar throughout South Asia to over a billion of the world's peoples, the beloved, 2,000-year-old tale is the story of four characters: Rama, a selfless prince or reincarnated god whose father exiles him to the forest for 14 years, a fate he accepts with grace and without complaint... (read more)

Out There - Czech, please!

Out There's weekend begins after our presstime on Tuesdays. (read more)

Books - All natural

The 12 terrific essays decorating comedian and author Bob Smith's new book Treehab are at once thought-provoking, provocative, humorous, and... (read more)

Out & About - Masketeers

Whether you're staying up late all weekend for a great pumpkin, or hiding under a bushel, do find the nerve to enjoy our sampling... (read more)

Theatre - Haitian school of hard knocks

Haiti is not known as a land of riches, but there is a high value placed on its traditions of storytelling. (read more)

Film - French teenage male bonding

In the tenderly framed new French drama Being 17 (opening Friday), two awkward teen boys find themselves coping with more than... (read more)

Film - Call to action in tech-appropriated SF

Bay Area documentary-makers Alan Snitow and Deborah Kaufman present a succinct and persuasive thesis in their new film Company Town ... (read more)

Film - We are not Japan

Japan is a very small country with a very big culture. (read more)

Music - Idina Menzel doesn't hold back

Thanks to her performances in Rent and Wicked, Idina Menzel has become one of Broadway's biggest names. (read more)

Music - Tea dance dudes

For the longest time, dance music was the domain of the gay community. (read more)

Books - Country comfort with author Jeff Mann

Gay writer and educator Jeff Mann is nothing if not prolific. (read more)

Books - The tortured soul of Klaus Mann

It's an open question who would have wanted to be the child of German novelist Thomas Mann, but six offspring knew the mixed privilege. (read more)

DVD - Transformative power of transgender drama

Culturally, the last year has been a transformative one for trans consciousness. (read more)

DVD - They're likeable enough

Approaching one's late 30s, near the precipice of middle age, one may start evaluating where one has been and whether change needs... (read more)

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