Issue:  Vol. 46 / No. 21 / 26 May 2016

Theatre - Reveling in the American songbook

When Judy Kuhn first performed Rodgers, Rodgers & Guettel at Lincoln Center last year, the reviewer for The New York Times described her style as one of "passionate restraint." Reminded of the comment, the long-running Broadway star let out an unrestrained laugh. (read more)

Fine Arts - New SFMOMA: The Whirlwind Tour

Last week we opined on SFMOMA's new house; now we take a look at what's inside. The excitement that greets a new building comes with an opportunity for a museum to reintroduce itself to the art world and invigorate donors who want their collections displayed in a high-profile destination venue. (read more)

Out There - Museum collection, by the book

Since the re-opening of SFMOMA has already garnered so much press, we thought we'd read and review the new accompanying catalog... (read more)

Out & About - Destinational

Multiple arts events and exhibits this week offer journeys to far-off lands, imagined and historical, and even a bit fantastical. (read more)

Theatre - Musical comes back from past life

A nip and tuck is common enough when a musical is revived on Broadway; fixes for what didn't work, polishing off dated sensibilities, and... (read more)

Theatre - Chronology of a young marriage

Despite frequent good reviews and even a Tony Award, it has seemed like Broadway composer Jason Robert Brown couldn't catch a break. (read more)

Music - Focused emotions & thrilling scores

The final weeks of the 2015-16 San Francisco Symphony season are counting down to a glorious finale in late June... (read more)

Books - Golden-era Hollywood stars speak!

How adept were studio-era Hollywood stars at burnishing their legends? Very. (read more)

Film - Making adjustments in adult life-plans

Writer/director Rebecca Miller aims high with Maggie's Plan, a screwballish romantic comedy that's constructed around... (read more)

Film - 'Hockney' paints an intimate portrait

After viewing Hockney, viewers might feel as though they've been personally introduced to the renowned, openly gay artist David Hockney. (read more)

DVD - Political fastball

In a presidential political primary season that's already witnessed its share of star turns and pratfalls, a timely and witty political-slanted... (read more)

Film - Jews having sex onscreen

After decades of using stereotypes to portray Jews in films as either the nerd or the neurotic, Hollywood has begun... (read more)

Books - Purple reins

In one of the innumerable wonders of her second novel The Sport of Kings, C.E. Morgan unleashes one of the most floridly gay characters in 21st-century fiction... (read more)

Books - Putting Mapplethorpe into perspective

Can Robert Mapplethorpe be deciphered? (read more)

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