Issue:  Vol. 44 / No. 33 / 14 August 2014

Theatre - Capturing
the essence of Barbra

As far as anyone knows, and most likely it would be known, Barbra Streisand has not seen Buyer & Cellar. But right now, the little off-Broadway show that has grown into a big hit is in her own backyard, more or less, running in Los Angeles as part of a national tour that arrives Aug. 19 at the Curran Theatre. While the solo show's starting premise certainly has sport with the indulgently outfitted cocoons Streisand builds for herself, Buyer & Cellar star Michael Urie believes there is more compassion than derision in Jonathan Tolins' script. (read more)

Fine Arts - What's up at
the galleries in August?

Art doesn't take a summer vacation. Here's a taste of what's out there this August.

images in RayKo Photo Center's The Perimeter of the World – Contemporary Travel Photography aren't your average tourist shots. The curators pored over 3,000 photographs submitted by more than 300 artists from around the globe to arrive at the 70 displayed here, a goodly portion of which were shot on traditional film. (read more)

Out There -
Lifetime achievement

Undoubtedly the big art-house movie of the summer has been writer-director Richard Linklater's extraordinary Boyhood, which opened in July. (read more)

DVD - Report from
the dance world

One of the San Francisco LGBT Festival's favorite directors, Alan Brown (Private Romeo, The Book of Love), returns with a low-key romance set in lower Manhattan's modern-dance subculture. (read more)

DVD - Gotta film,
gotta dance!

Recently released on DVD after enjoying a healthy run on the film festival circuit followed by some theatrical playdates, Alan Brown's Five Dances is a lovely, lyrical coming-of-age film. (read more)

Books - She
couldn't say no

Memoirs by performers with impressive careers who nonetheless didn't become major stars are often fascinating. (read more)

DVD - Taiwanese
gay cultural shift

"I haven't been gay in a long time. I used to be. Then I stopped." This is the sad refrain of the main character Weichung after a hotel-room fling with Thomas, his studly Hong Kong airline flight attendant.
(read more)

Music - It takes
a disco village

Someone really ought to tell our straight allies (or foes, depending on the day) dancing the night away to thumping electronic beats that dance music is still gay. (read more)

Out & About -
But, seriously

Historic drag events and people are honored, Motown gets a reverent and rousing musical visit, and LGBT topics get serious talks.
(read more)

Music - Lesbian season

The Belle Brigade is a brother/sister duo with excellent genes. Siblings Barbara and Ethan Gruska are the grandchildren of composer John Williams. (read more)

Music - Unexpected Schumann

The symphonies of Robert Schumann have been politely written off as "conductors' symphonies," which is short for "the public doesn't care for them. (read more)

Film - River Phoenix:
the drugs & the films

It's 1991, and up on the big screen, a shabbily dressed young man with an ashen complexion steps out on a two-lane highway that stretches out to the horizon. (read more)

Books - War of the roses

It is common knowledge that loving relationships wax and wane over time, their commitments ebbing and flowing across the span of open arrangements and anniversaries, through sheer delight and dismal discord. (read more)

Lavender Tube - Compelling but
woeful world

There we were, watching one of our favorite summer TV dramas, Fox's superlative Gang Related, with the ultra-hot Ramon Rodriguez, when President Obama broke in with the announcement that he was going to bomb Iraq. (read more)

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