Issue:  Vol. 45 / No. 40 / 1 October 2015

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Online Extra: Sampler: Drag nuns' history being chronicled

Fundraiser to support Sisters book; Alliance Health Project to have art benefit.
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Online Extra: Political Notes: Campaign urges Brown to sign CA LGBT data bill

Campaign urges CA Governor Jerry Brown to sign law that would require certain state agencies to collect LGBT demographic data. (read more)

Natali draws ire of
Castro merchants

With the number of vacant storefronts he owns set to increase, Castro landlord and bar owner Les Natali has drawn the ire of nearby business owners... (read more)

Castro fair to honor
Cookie Dough

This Sunday's Castro Street Fair will be dedicated to Cookie Dough, the beloved San Francisco drag queen who died earlier this year. (read more)

Sacto LGBTs push
Lavender Heights project

LGBTs in Sacramento are working to establish an official gay district in the city, complete with rainbow crosswalks and a rainbow flag. (read more)

Kink takes a front
seat at Folsom

The annual Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco's South of Market neighborhood brought out the leather and kink as hundreds of thousands of people attended the September 27 event. (read more)

Man dies after
Oakland mural shooting

A man involved in work on an Oakland mural designed by an LGBT man was fatally shot Tuesday morning. (read more)

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Theatre - Curran events

During the curtain speech at her 2004 engagement at the Curran Theatre, Dame Edna Everage announced that that sweet little possum Carole Shorenstein Hays had just signed the deal the buy the theater. (read more)

Music - Some enchanted evening

The Opening Gala of the San Francisco Symphony's 104th season has left some pleasant memories, a few unanswered questions, and perhaps most importantly... (read more)

Out There -
Indiana uber alles

I Can Give You Anything But Love is the just-published memoir from novelist, playwright, critic, artist and all-around caustic wit Gary Indiana. (read more)

Out & About - Lunarium

Ochre in autumn, brisk breezes and seasonal arts events about; camp's in decline, history as histrionics? Find out as the curtain rises. (read more)

Theatre - Fearsome Lizzie Borden

All it takes to unleash your inner Joan Jett is a bit of patricide with some step-matricide thrown in for good measure. (read more)

Theatre - Macho men

Three sailors about to be shipped out have 24 hours of shore leave in New York. Three Marines about to be shipped out have 24 hours of shore leave in San Francisco. (read more)

Music - Intimate rewards

Chamber Music of David Conte, the latest CD from the longtime San Francisco Conservatory of Music faculty member, gay composer... (read more)

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